Domestic bank Payout


Domestic Bank Payout Endpoint

You can use your chpter.’s wallet as a source to send money across countries and different currencies. We've got different options to match your use case. With chpter. , you can transfer to bank accounts, mobile money wallets, and other chpter. accounts NOTE: The minimum withdrawal amount is Ksh. 100.

To initialize the transaction, you’ll need to pass information such as payout method, account details, full name, total amount etc. Some of the information is required and you can pass additional information to the particular payout.


Endpoint Parameters

Here is the full list of parameters you can pass:

client_details: object | required

An object providing recipient's payouts details.

full_name: string | required

The recipient's full name.

phone_number: string | required

The recipient's phone number to process the Mobile payout. Country code followed by the 9-digit customer’s Mobile Number phone number in the 2547xxxxxxxx format. The phone number should start with 7.

email: string | required

The recipient's email address.

destination: object | required

An object providing payout destination details.

type: string | required

The type of payout method at the time of the transaction.

country_code: string | required

The recipient's ISO country code.

bank_name: string | required

The recipient's bank name.

bank_code: integer | required

A 2 digit code that belongs to he recipient's bank.

account_name: string | required

The recipient's bank account name.

account_number: integer | required

The recipient's bank account number.

transfer: object | required

An object providing payout details.

amount: double | required

Total Amount intended to be sent by this payout. A positive integer representing how much to payout.

currency: string | required

The currency which is used to make the payout. (3 character code)

reference_id: integer | required

Payout reference number. (unique 12 digit string for each transfer.)

description: string | required

Any additional descriptions about the payout.

webhook_endpoint: object | required

An object providing your webhook/ callback url.

webhook_url: url | required

Your callback/web hook url to get success or failed responses once payouts are complete.

Request Payload

The Payment Redirect API payload example.

    "client_details": {
          "full_name": "John Doe",
          "phone_number": "254700123123",
					"email": ""
     "destination": {
          "type": "bank",
          "country_code": "KE",
          "bank_name": "ABSA BANK",
          "bank_code": "03",
          "account_name": "ACCOUNT NAME LTD",
          "account_number": "1234567890"
     "transfer": {
          "amount": "200",
          "currency": "KES",
          "currency_code": "KES",
          "reference_id": "692194627798",
          "description": "test description"
       "webhook_endpoint": {
          "webhook_url": ""


The response you get to confirm that the mobile payout has been initiated.

Successfull response
    "message": "Domestic Bank Transfer Initiated",
		"status": 200

Failed response
	"message":"Insufficient balance",

Successful CallBack Response

The response your callback/webhook gets when the domestic bank payout is successful.

	"message":"Payout Successful",

Failed CallBack Response

The response your callback/webhook gets when the domestic bank payout fails.

	"message":"Payout Failed",

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